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October 25th, 2021    

Warhammer World Kill Team October 2021 Event Recap

Episode 15 has me and Charles recap our experiences at the recent October 2021 Kill Team tournament at Warhammer World!


00:00 - Intro

Event Prep - 02:30

Kill Team Selection - 12:36

Game 1 Charles - 26:20

Game 1 John - 32:33

Game 2 Charles - 37:44

Game 2 John - 48:42

Game 3 Charles - 59:17

Game 3 John - 01:08:25

Event Summary - 01:18:00

September 20th, 2021    

Warhammer World Kill Team Tournament Recap

Episode 14 sees me talk about Kill Team with my friends Aytan and Charles as we cover our exploits at the recent Warhammer World Kill Team tournament


Check out Aytan's blog at:

July 27th, 2021    

Warhammer Underworlds Dealing with Tilt

Episode 13 has me joined by Matt from Set the Tempo as we cover the subject of tilt in relation to Warhammer Underworlds. We cover what is tilt, how to deal with it, triggers you need to identify and how tilt can not only ruin your own games but as well as ruining the experience of your opponents too.

June 29th, 2021    

Warhammer Underworlds Balance and the Right to Respond

Episode 12 has me joined by Rob G. as we briefly go over the latest FAR list and go in-depth into Warhammer Underworlds' competitive balance as well as the concept of the Right to Respond.


Check out the article for more information and formats:

May 21st, 2021    

Time Management and Slow Play

Episode 11 features Tommy Conboy as we go over how you can improve and handle your time management in Warhammer Underworlds as well as how to deal with slow play


I also have the following article covering Time Management and Slow Play in Warhammer Underworlds:

April 27th, 2021    

Warhammer Underworlds Sportsmanship

Episode 10 featuring Rob Howard as we go over how to approach sportsmanship in Warhammer Underworlds and everything related to it

March 31st, 2021    

Returning to Warhammer Underworlds

Episode 9 returns with Rob as we go over some tips, resources and advice for how to approach Warhammer Underworlds as a returning player

February 24th, 2021    

Learning Different Warbands

Episode 8 has me joined by Warhammer Underworlds veteran Aman as we go over how you can successfully approach learning and playing with multiple different warbands in Warhammer Underworlds

January 27th, 2021    

Running Tournaments and Events

Episode 7 sees the King of Canada, Derek, talking about his experience TO'ing the Canadian Grand Clash. We also go over how you can approach TOing events, finding a venue, ensuring attendees, making and enforcing rulings, prize support, managing scale and other factors to ensuring successful and fun tournaments.

Whether you've been interested in running your own Warhammer Underworlds events in-person or online, this will be of great use to you.

November 16th, 2020    

How to Create Your Own Game Modes for Warhammer Underworlds

Episode 6 features Derek Wheately as he discusses the unique game modes he's made for Warhammer Underworlds as well as exploring how you can make your own game modes as well.

You can find Derek's work on his website here:

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